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Environmentalists decry RED revision - 25 Oct 2017

The European Parliament's environment committee yesterday voted to support a proposal for phasing out biofuels, but green groups are saying they "completely failed" to secure measures for climate friendly usage of biomass with regards to heating and electricity.

A vote last night on a revision of the Renewable Energy Directive supported the phasing out of biofuels that have been deemed harmful to the environment, but activists have claimed this may encourage more wood burning.

Sini Eräjää, EU bioenergy policy officer at BirdLife Europe, said “The outcome of the vote today allows increased exploitation of forests and logging of sensitive habitats just to burn the wood for energy.”

“This outcome fails both forest conservation and climate mitigation, and it also fails to provide long term stability for truly sustainable bioenergy producers, such as the ones processing waste streams.”
The result, they said, is that “we’ll see more EU mandated use of whole trees or stumps despite a wide scientific acknowledgement that is bad for the climate”.

Environmental groups NGO and Fern have warned that further incentives, such as this, to burn wood are leading to more harvests and emissions, as well as pressure on forests in Europe and beyond.

“With tonight’s vote, the Environment Committee has made the unthinkable possible, namely to weaken the Commission’s proposal on a sustainable use of forest biomass,” FERN said. “This approach will still allow Member States to burn whole trees in old converted coal-fired power stations”.

Others are expressing similar concern that MEPs are apparently 'solving' the problem of climate change by burning more trees – a completely counter-intuitive move. Those on any environmental committee should always but the interests of the climate (as confirmed across the scientific establishment) before corporate interests.

A group of scientists have already sent an open letter to the EU asserting this fact, and warning of the harmful effects of this proposal. It is hoped, as a result, that the Parliament will override this dangerous decision when they vote in plenary next year.



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