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New film uncovers lies behind biomass industry - 20 Sep 2017

A new 60 minute film on the shocking destruction of forests and the blatant greenwashing of the woody biomass industry premiered at the American Conservation Film Festival last week.

'Burned: Are Trees the New Coal?' Is an eye-opening look at the policy loopholes, huge subsidies and falsely carbon-neutral practises behind one of the biggest lies of our generation: the woody biomass industry.

After two years of shooting, local filmmakers Alan Dater and Lisa Merton have released their stark look at our endangered biome, and the timing couldn't be more appropriate as the ongoing 'debate' around woody biomass has very quickly become an urgent and divisive issue.

The dangerously misguided concept of harvesting and burning forests as a sustainable source of energy is decimating woodlands and causing lasting damage to our environment. But companies seem to be doing it more and more.

Corporations are increasingly buying coal plants and retrofitting them into biomass facilities, all of which burn huge quantities of wood chips and pellets - sometimes as much as 2,550 pounds per minute.

These retrofitted plants benefit hugely from a financial perspective since they the receive large government subsidies due to the fact that woody biomass is sold as being 'carbon neutral', despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

“Yes, trees grow back,” says Mary Booth, Ph.D., director of the Partnership For Policy Integrity, an energy-policy advocacy group, “but we don’t have the 20, 30, 50 years it takes.”

Companies aren't always turning a blind eye to make a profit, however. Many well-meaning officials believe the lies they're told about woody biomass because of false facts and selective data.

The film documents how forests are being razed for chipping and pellet production, the carbon cost of cutting and transporting the wood (that are not included in calculations) and the full effects of the destruction being perpetrated on our very doorstep. And it's an issue that affects us all.



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