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US states push for high-carbon emitting agenda - 29 Aug 2017

According to a report, as much as 34 per cent of Rhode Island's 'renewable' electricity comes from power plants that burn wood – often from virgin forests.

In addition to destroying natural habitat, the wood-fuel industry burns mature trees, one of the best sources for sequestering carbon dioxide. Consequently, its wide spread classification as a renewable energy is harmful on many levels. In 2016, biofuels accounted for almost half of US renewable production, but much of this was not genuinely clean.

The rapid switch from fossil fuels to woody biomass, especially in Europe but also more generally worldwide, has been criticised by many for offsetting any environmental benefits that have recently been brought in.

Advocates of biomass say that properly managed forests create a net increase in trees, however a 2015 report by the National Resources Defense Council concluded that it can take decades for new trees to recapture the carbon dioxide lost from burning mature trees for biomass energy.

In Rhode Island, the General Assembly passed legislation in 2016 extending the Renewable Energy Standard (RES) until 2035.

Currently, about 11 per cent of electricity generated for local areas comes from renewable sources, and this is expected to grow to around 38 per cent by 2035. Some states intend to increase their wood-energy development to meet this demand and avoid a shortfall – a potentially damaging move for the environment.



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