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Govt report warns of high carbon woody biomass burned for UK power generation - 17 Mar 2017

Just as the UK government looks to prepare its new Emissions Reduction Plan, it has released several reports on the subject of bioenergy, including one that warns that several scenarios in which high carbon timber will be burned for biomass power generation, are likely.

The report: 'Likely use of High Carbon Biomass from North America', found that four high carbon scenarios are either moderately or highly likely to take place now or in the future. This means that the biomass burned in these scenarios is likely to fall below the UK government's own emission targets and could even be more damaging to the environment than burning fossil fuels.

According to a blog post on the report, published by the RSPB, the government admits that its current emission calculations methodology allows high carbon biomass to be classified as low carbon. As a result, biomass power stations that burn this high-carbon timber still receive subsidies.

Organisations such as ourselves and the RSPB hope that reports such as the one detailed above will aid the government in rethinking its Emissions Reduction Plan and its payment of subsidies for the burning of high carbon timber from North America.



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